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Going For The Best Laminate Flooring Company

laminated-flooring-malaysiaLaminated flooring has in recent years been extensively used for purposes of flooring. The reason for this is mostly due to its numerous advantages compared to the natural conventional materials.

Laminated floors get their name from the method used to make them. They are made from a number of synthetic layers bound together through lamination. Laminated floors are made to be able to simulate different materials including but not limited to wood and stone.

The Importance Of Selecting The Right Company

To get the best quality of laminated flooring in Penang that at the same time suits your taste, you have to look for a flooring company that will give you the best in terms of service, quality and convenience. This kind of company should offer the following to its customers:

Free Estimates

The company you choose should not charge to give you estimates of how much laminating your floor will cost. This is a free service. They should send a qualified representative to give you an estimate of the expected cost so that you are able to compare even with other companies since you should get the best offer there is. If they refuse to give this estimate then beware. They may be overcharging you and they do not want to be compared with other prices.


The history of a company and the stories of satisfied and/or disgruntled customers can serve as a good basis to judge how you expect the company to serve you. If most of its customers complain, whether about the service, quality of floor or even the prowess in fitting the floor then it may be a good idea to look for a company with a better reputation.


As with everything else in these hard economic times you have to look for a perfect balance between quality and cost so as not to disregard one for the other. Make sure to choose a service provider who will give quality service and products but at the right price.

Luxury Jetwood Series

laminated-flooring-malaysia-2If looking for a flooring company in Penang that will give you all these qualities and ensure that you get exactly what you want, then Flooring Story is the best choice for you. We have highly experienced staff whose sole business is to ensure that all your floor needs are fully satisfied.

Give as a call and we promise you will sit down and watch your floor turn into the beauty you envision them being. Better still just click the button below to leave us your details and we promise to contact you.


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