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Engineered Wood Flooring

Give Your Sweet Home a Fresh Look with Engineered Wood Floor

Our company, Flooring Story, is specialised in providing Wood Flooring Products and Flooring Installation Services. We offer all the range of hardwood options, from the classic alternatives to exotic varieties. Our team of experienced and skilled experts can help you choose the best Wood Flooring Products for decorating your floors.

What is Engineered Wood Flooring

engineered-wood-flooring-malaysia-1The engineered wood flooring is a cheaper choice to solid hardwood flooring. The engineered wood floors are made up from a sandwich of plywood and finish wood. The plywood comprises 80-90% of the engineered wood flooring and the finish wood is what you see at the surface and walk on it.

In the plywood composition of the engineered wood floors each ply runs perpendicular to its adjacent ply. This technology gives strength to the engineered flooring sandwich.

Advantages of Engineered Wood Flooring

The Manufacturing Process

engineered-wood-flooring-malaysia-2Engineered wood flooring is manufactured from three to ten layers of wood. Engineered floors range in thickness from 3/8 inch to3/4 inch and widths from 3 inches to 7 inches.The typical engineered wood floors are made up of five wood layers. Each wood layer is called a ply. These ply are oriented in perpendicular to the other layers or they are oriented in different directions and they are glued under pressure.

This manufacturing process of the engineered wood flooring gives a good strength and creates a floor that is more stable than the hardwood floor. The engineered wood floor is less susceptible to expansion or shrinkage movement due to fluctuation in temperature and humidity.

Installing Options

This type of wood floors can be installed in below grade applications or directly over concrete, unlike the hardwood floors. Before installation over basement slab or concrete it must be done a vapor transmission testing in order to determine if the level of concrete slab vapor emissions is acceptable. The engineered wood flooring can withstand light moisture environments but a high moisture environment can be devastating.

The engineered wood floors can be installed floating interlocked and don’t require any specialised tools for the installation. Another possibility of installation for the engineered wood floors is using full adhesive spread or nails.

Our team of experts is dedicated to help you choose the best engineered wood flooring options to meet your budget and requirements. Call us now and speak with one of our flooring professionals.


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