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Decking Penang - For An Aesthetic Appeal And Practicality

decking-malaysiaWood decking can be incorporated in a multitude of ways. Nothing can match the beauty and practicality of wood decking. Traditionalists still strongly believe that the beauty of natural wood cannot be matched with any man-made materials. They are used to create beautiful garden landscapes, patios and to extend the living areas of your houses.

Flooring Story in Penang is dedicated in providing beautiful, versatile, sustainable and superior quality wood decking to suit your individual tastes, preferences and budget too.

Why Wood Decking?

Wood or timber decking is one of the most popular forms of decking in homes. Unlike cemented ones the choice of wood decking is absolutely hassle free. Wood creates a natural and relaxing outdoor space and that is the reason why most people opt for the wood decking.

Generally hardwood is implemented in decks which make it more durable and wear-resistant. Yes, they are long lasting in nature if they are well installed and maintained. Different types of hardwood decks are available today. Hence you can design the deck in accordance with your taste and budget.

Choice of Decking Woods:

Pine is also another popular choice for decks. This is because they are easily available and pressure treated to resist pest attack and decay. Moreover they are easy to install and touted to be four times stronger than plastic decks. In the recent years cedar has also gained immense popularity on account of its density and rich tones.

Moreover this wood does not require any chemical treatment to resist insect attack. With good maintenance it lasts for 9 to 20 years. There is also a good demand for IPE decking due it its incredible strength, resiliency and durability.

Benefit Of Wood Decking

decking-malaysia-1Wood decking is unrivaled by other materials when it comes to aesthetic appeal and practicality. On account of its flexibility wooden decking is easy to work with also. Wooden decking is also strong and durable and when well constructed and maintained they can last for a lifetime.

Most of all wood decking has a natural charm, softness and warmth that make it simply unique. Incorporating wood that is harvested from sustainable forests makes wood decking an eco-friendly choice too. Last but not the least the cost of wood decking is also reasonable and affordable.

If you are on the lookout for installing wooden decking, call the experienced people – the Flooring Story today. Flooring story not only has a passion for wood products but also prides itself for incredible craftsmanship and excellent customer service. Call them today and create quality, beautiful and durable decking.


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